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April 11, 2009

Just realized I forgot to post last night – something about passing out with the TV running shortly after getting off work. Probably related to not getting any sleep the night before.

Anyways, I figured I’d post anyways – just finished up a group meeting where our primary goal was to get some of the major details worked out on our project. We had a couple issues – such as security and safety for the Teller, that needed some work – so we wanted to get that stuff cleared up before we started working on the details of the aesthetics. In short, the meeting was a success – we found a floorplan that would preserve the original style and appeal, while opening up the option of a teller access passageway along one side of it – giving the tellers both secure access to and between the desk areas, and giving them a secure area to disapear to in case of bank robbery or other disruptions. Just that one change has me much more into this project – it gives us a much more solid concept that looks much more reasonable as a serious proposal – instead of an artsy “wouldn’t it be pretty if your bank looked like this!” sort of proposal that is riddled with holes and issues.

Back to Sketching…



Concept Development

April 9, 2009

For Starters, anyone interested in branding, the new Pepsi look, or who enjoys making fun of designers that are full of bull, check out This. Its funny/scary depending on if you think its a parody or the real deal.

Adding manpower to a late project makes it even later.

The group project is moving along – we’ve got 6 concepts we’re working on, although I suspect some of them will be combined in the long run, we have stuff to work on for Friday. We’re sketching now, tomorrow is Orthos and Model building until the wee hours of the morning. I’m actually looking forward to the model building for some reason – probably something to do with the fact I haven’t built a model from foamcore or chipboard for a while – will be nice to sit down at my desk with a cutting mat and an exacto and straight edge and start knocking some stuff out. I am hoping I can talk my group into splitting up the assignment so one of us is working on each part – Orthos, sketching, and models, so that everything is consistant – plus, remember Brooks’ Law – “Adding manpower to a late project makes it even later.” Divide and Conquer should be our stratagy, given that we all operate in different ways, have different schemes, and we’ll only end up stepping on each other’s toes and getting in arguments if we don’t.




April 7, 2009

I am rather annoyed I had to leave studio early today for an appointment – I enjoyed the exercies we were doing today, and think that hour would have been benificial – I was really just getting started with the concept generation when I had to leave. I had some weird ideas I threw down – some relating to how the customer approached the counter (i.e. – addressing the queing aspect, do we have some way to pre-process some of the information, or have a way to make it so you don’t have to figure out which counter to approach), some dealing with security (money drops and stuff like that), and then organizational and layout based stuff – one idea that may be valuable, involved a coin tray like tellers use, that has buttons you can press to pop the coins up and make it easier to grasp them – for people with less dexterity than what might be necessary.

Some stuff I’m wondering if it would actually be a hinderance, even though it seems like it would be easier to us as lay-people – for instance, if the teller is putting information into the computer as to how much is being withdrawn and all that, why can’t all the money dispensing be done electronically to make accounting for all the money easier? However, I can also see how this would only get annoying – oftentimes people require certain denominations when cashing checks, or would the computer end up taking longer than just grabbing the bills – For this instance, I think focusing on the way the cash drawer works would be more benificial in the long run.

The disability project was also interesting – Although it produced some expected results, in some ways, I was suprised by what the disability did and didn’t affect. For instance, Using a vending machine was much harder than I thought it would be – I just didn’t notice how much I bent my back to grab stuff that low. However, most of the other exercises weren’t bad with the back – opening doors was only slightly less convienant, reaching things on higher shelves wasn’t an issue, putting on a backpack wouldn’t have been too bad except the fact I was putting it on over 3 board feet of red oak.  Sitting took some extra care, but it was mostly about just being careful.

All in all, a very good day at studio. Progress is being made, and after a month of being sick and 2 weeks of trips, it feels good.



So much for the calm before the storm

April 2, 2009

Having just got back from New York on Sunday, its a bit stressful this week, as we get stuff together for the trip to New Orleans for the IDSA southern conference. (for which I leave tomorrow) – just a couple days to get everything unpacked, washed, and repacked, all while getting caught back into the whirlwind that is Georgia Tech a couple weeks before finals week. we’ve got projects due next week for Materials, Professional Practice projects coming due, and a studio project to do research for.

My group has spent the last couple days getting all the information we can about banks and bank tellers – which is incredibly hard information to come by. The banks that will talk to us are the small local banks and they only give us some minor access to understanding their operations – they don’t even really have a traditional bank teller setup. We’ve done a fair amount of field research, but from the customer’s prespective almost nothing is visible – banks design their counters so that normal people can’t see the desk on the other side, and definitely can’t see under them. Any sort of survilance is bound to get us in major trouble if we get caught, and to get any useful information, the camera would have to be higher than even my eye level, which happens to be higher than you can hide a  camera without it being seen. I’ve considered the option of remote control helicopter with a camera, but I don’t think they’d go for that either.

Then there are the interview leads – we have some people who know bank tellers, who we asked if we could talk to them, ask some questions – they have mostly said “we’ll have to talk to our managers before talking to you.” These are people like girlfriends of studio people, so they know we’re legit students and everything, its just not information we’re supposed to have. It really makes researching banks rather difficult.




March 24, 2009

As the hours count down until our trip leaves for New York, I’m increasingly beginning to scramble for what I need – I got myself a new sketchbook for the trip (last one was filling up…), and hope to have it filled by the time I get back. Got some snacks for the road, and a couple good books for the trip.

I’m definitely looking forward to all the design exploration we’ll get while we’re on the trip. I’m hoping to, above all, get a new way to look at stuff. It gets kinda easy to get stuck in a rut, especially with getting sick and getting bogged down in homework – I could use a new environment, a change of pace, and a bit of a breather, while still remaining focused on design. I’m getting better, and I’ll be mostly operational this week – still a bit icky, but mostly better. Hopefully with a change of pace and some inspiration, I can get all my loose ends wrapped up, and get moving on and cover some new ground. Thats where all the excitement is anyways.



Plans for the Break

March 14, 2009

I’ve got my work cut out for me, even with Spring Break coming up next week. The main thing I’ll be getting out of spring break is the fact that I don’t have to go to classes or worry about getting up at a certain time. I have some stuff to do, including…

1. Finish off the last studio project. This comes in at the top of my proirity list – I should be done with digital work by Wednesday, and then I get to talk Tripp into letting me use the shop for a bit to knock out a grey model.

2. Business cards – these need to be done early, like by Monday – so I can get them printed and back to me before I leave for Conference definitely, and hopefully before New York. I’ve got them most of the way done, but need to finish them off.

3.  Bryanake.com. I want to get started on getting my website up and running – I plan on a portfolio section, an integrated blog, and some static information pages – as well as a small store to try and make some money off selling stuff. This ties into my summer plans – since I can’t get an internship now that I’m taking some summer classes, I want to see if I can get my own business started off selling small housewares,  jewlery, and possibly some other stuff – I have some stuff I want to try, and see what moves and keep going in that direction.

I’ll catch all ya’ll after the break.



Design Adventures!

March 12, 2009

Today was a really fun day for studio – besides the fact that running around the campus with large white letters for photo ops was fun, it was cool to get out and see a functioning model shop in Atlanta. I didn’t get to welding, but I was perfectly ok with that – I’ve done it before, so I was more along to see cool stuff and network.

Adam and I had a nice discussion about summer plans – Since my hopes of getting an internship this summer have disapeared now that I’m taking classes to get caught up from being sick, I’m now planning on taking the advice of the people we talked to in Professional Practice, and explore a hobby to the point of turning it into a business. Adam is interested in getting some stuff designed over the summer as well, and we’re talking about meeting up to discuss and bounce ideas around. We’ll see how all that develops.

Last but not least, check out this. This printing company is offering a promotion for 1000 free business cards printed before the end of the month for design professionals – no annoying logos, 2 sided glossy 14 pound paper (or matte, or eco-friendly if you want.) You can pick the size and preportion between 2″x2″ and 4″x4″ in increments of .25″, and would be great for stuff like NYC and Conference. No catch as far as I’ve found.