Project summary

April 30, 2009

In summary, our project turned out pretty well. Overall I think our group ended up benifiting from the simplicity of our model – because it took us less time to build, we had more time to go back and change the things we learned needed fixing. I think we would have all benifited from a shorter build time – although fully articulated models look nice they don’t seem to really provide that much more benifit – in other words, I think a stack of mixed thickness foamcore would have gotten us a good enough build quickly enough that we could have had more time for  development. That may just apply to my group however – may be different elsewhere. Overall our reviews were positive – there were concerns regarding the clausterphobia of the space, safety concerns for the teller, but mainly some smaller details that escaped our attention while working on the project. For instance, one person I talked to at the event suggested that the sloped shelf for the handicapped people might not be such a great idea – given that gravity naturally would pull objects off it if someone were not quick enough to catch it, which becomes even more of an issue to handicapped people. I would agree with the assessment that the walls are too tall by about a foot – we made them 7′, but even a 6′ wall is at my eye height, which means I can’t see over it unless I’m being really obvious and trying to.

Speaking of which, I’m curious to find out how the event went – I dropped by for about an hour and a half, but had to leave to get some work done – if it continued well after I left as planned, I’m sure things went pretty well – the space was comfortably full when I left. I think I explained our project to 4 groups of people overall at the party, which is good – was nice to get to present a project, something I haven’t done for a bit now.



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