Material Samples

April 28, 2009

Working with the group now, trying to iron out the presentation for tomorrow.  We’ve got some stuff to work out, but I’m working on getting material samples in order, while Emma works on the presentation and Laura finishes out some SolidWorks models. Fun is being had by all.

I wanted to muse for a bit on our full scale models – this may be a bit edgy, and I don’t mean to be negative or to give a negative vibe – overall, I’m glad we took the time to do them, I just can’t help but ask some questions. For one, when making promo videos for the event on Wednesday, we spent quite a bit of time talking about how the models had helped us understand our projects – I do kinda wonder however, how much of that is due to the full scale nature of the model, and how much is due to the solid construction of our models. The other classes also did full scale models, and I’d be interested to see how much theirs benifited them. Some I saw couldn’t have been too much help – between chairs they couldn’t sit on and “bars” that couldn’t have been a real scale representation of the thickness of materials and thus the legroom on both sides, some stuff was left to guessing. Some other details such as a knowledge of construction techniques and how to build things also wouldn’t be learned with a cardboard model. Once those questions are asked, the next of course is was what we gained when compared to other classes worth the benifit? I definitely think this was worth it, if only as an experiment in whether it is worth it – but there are some other considerations, such as the fact there is no space in the COA for this much stuff, etc – this was a unique event that probably isn’t going to repeat itself.

Just some thoughts, comment at will.



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