Ze Projekt

April 23, 2009

Team Bank Teller is coming along pretty well – I feel well about how much we’ve accomplished, especially given how much we have left to do. I’m taking a break at the moment to take care of my portfolio project for Professional Practice, but once that is finished up, its back to the shop to get the desk finished and the skin on the walls. I’m going to be forming the acrylic after my shop shift tonight, and bringing it over, and then I’ll probably end up chipping in and helping the bar or barrista group get theirs finished.

We’ve already learned a bit from our build, even before finishing. In my opinion, the space is too small – despite being to spec for turning around a wheelchair, I think it would benifit from some more space, even another foot or so would make it a bit easier to breathe. Of course, a change in materials will help some with that too. IMO, the desk is a bit deep – but that opinion may change some once we get the computer bits in place for our skit. I do think there will be plenty of space for everything a teller needs – between two drawers or cubbies and the TAU, and the inset portion of the desk for the stuff that would normally go on top of the desk, I think we will have improved the experience in many ways.



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