April 14, 2009

Although I was skeptical a tad bit skeptical of this concept at the start, but it is developing nicely into something that has some real potential. We’ve addressed lots of the issues, and are working on the others – I think it’ll turn out swell.

I’m working some on getting together other stuff for other classes – primarily my portfolio for Professional Practice, and doing a tad bit of studying for the Materials final. I’m hoping for something to inspire me on my portfolio – otherwise, I will be just making something up – I’ll figure something out that’ll work. I’m a bit disapointed with my junior work in general – I don’t know that there is much that will end up in my portfolio. I liked my Ryobi cupholder last semester, and my cup and saucer isn’t bad (at least, isn’t going to be too bad once I do some more work on them over the summer). Hopefully I’ll get some stuff made over the summer to fill out some good looking designs, and I’ll have something a good portfolio by the time next semester runs around.

Speaking of which, Fall semester’s schedule is looking quite nice. Only classes I’m really interested in, and besides studio, I’m taking the AWPL class, which will be good both for my skills (furniture design, Alphacam, etc), but also hopefully good for my portfolio.



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