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April 11, 2009

Just realized I forgot to post last night – something about passing out with the TV running shortly after getting off work. Probably related to not getting any sleep the night before.

Anyways, I figured I’d post anyways – just finished up a group meeting where our primary goal was to get some of the major details worked out on our project. We had a couple issues – such as security and safety for the Teller, that needed some work – so we wanted to get that stuff cleared up before we started working on the details of the aesthetics. In short, the meeting was a success – we found a floorplan that would preserve the original style and appeal, while opening up the option of a teller access passageway along one side of it – giving the tellers both secure access to and between the desk areas, and giving them a secure area to disapear to in case of bank robbery or other disruptions. Just that one change has me much more into this project – it gives us a much more solid concept that looks much more reasonable as a serious proposal – instead of an artsy “wouldn’t it be pretty if your bank looked like this!” sort of proposal that is riddled with holes and issues.

Back to Sketching…



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