Concept Development

April 9, 2009

For Starters, anyone interested in branding, the new Pepsi look, or who enjoys making fun of designers that are full of bull, check out This. Its funny/scary depending on if you think its a parody or the real deal.

Adding manpower to a late project makes it even later.

The group project is moving along – we’ve got 6 concepts we’re working on, although I suspect some of them will be combined in the long run, we have stuff to work on for Friday. We’re sketching now, tomorrow is Orthos and Model building until the wee hours of the morning. I’m actually looking forward to the model building for some reason – probably something to do with the fact I haven’t built a model from foamcore or chipboard for a while – will be nice to sit down at my desk with a cutting mat and an exacto and straight edge and start knocking some stuff out. I am hoping I can talk my group into splitting up the assignment so one of us is working on each part – Orthos, sketching, and models, so that everything is consistant – plus, remember Brooks’ Law – “Adding manpower to a late project makes it even later.” Divide and Conquer should be our stratagy, given that we all operate in different ways, have different schemes, and we’ll only end up stepping on each other’s toes and getting in arguments if we don’t.



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