April 7, 2009

I am rather annoyed I had to leave studio early today for an appointment – I enjoyed the exercies we were doing today, and think that hour would have been benificial – I was really just getting started with the concept generation when I had to leave. I had some weird ideas I threw down – some relating to how the customer approached the counter (i.e. – addressing the queing aspect, do we have some way to pre-process some of the information, or have a way to make it so you don’t have to figure out which counter to approach), some dealing with security (money drops and stuff like that), and then organizational and layout based stuff – one idea that may be valuable, involved a coin tray like tellers use, that has buttons you can press to pop the coins up and make it easier to grasp them – for people with less dexterity than what might be necessary.

Some stuff I’m wondering if it would actually be a hinderance, even though it seems like it would be easier to us as lay-people – for instance, if the teller is putting information into the computer as to how much is being withdrawn and all that, why can’t all the money dispensing be done electronically to make accounting for all the money easier? However, I can also see how this would only get annoying – oftentimes people require certain denominations when cashing checks, or would the computer end up taking longer than just grabbing the bills – For this instance, I think focusing on the way the cash drawer works would be more benificial in the long run.

The disability project was also interesting – Although it produced some expected results, in some ways, I was suprised by what the disability did and didn’t affect. For instance, Using a vending machine was much harder than I thought it would be – I just didn’t notice how much I bent my back to grab stuff that low. However, most of the other exercises weren’t bad with the back – opening doors was only slightly less convienant, reaching things on higher shelves wasn’t an issue, putting on a backpack wouldn’t have been too bad except the fact I was putting it on over 3 board feet of red oak.  Sitting took some extra care, but it was mostly about just being careful.

All in all, a very good day at studio. Progress is being made, and after a month of being sick and 2 weeks of trips, it feels good.



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