So much for the calm before the storm

April 2, 2009

Having just got back from New York on Sunday, its a bit stressful this week, as we get stuff together for the trip to New Orleans for the IDSA southern conference. (for which I leave tomorrow) – just a couple days to get everything unpacked, washed, and repacked, all while getting caught back into the whirlwind that is Georgia Tech a couple weeks before finals week. we’ve got projects due next week for Materials, Professional Practice projects coming due, and a studio project to do research for.

My group has spent the last couple days getting all the information we can about banks and bank tellers – which is incredibly hard information to come by. The banks that will talk to us are the small local banks and they only give us some minor access to understanding their operations – they don’t even really have a traditional bank teller setup. We’ve done a fair amount of field research, but from the customer’s prespective almost nothing is visible – banks design their counters so that normal people can’t see the desk on the other side, and definitely can’t see under them. Any sort of survilance is bound to get us in major trouble if we get caught, and to get any useful information, the camera would have to be higher than even my eye level, which happens to be higher than you can hide a  camera without it being seen. I’ve considered the option of remote control helicopter with a camera, but I don’t think they’d go for that either.

Then there are the interview leads – we have some people who know bank tellers, who we asked if we could talk to them, ask some questions – they have mostly said “we’ll have to talk to our managers before talking to you.” These are people like girlfriends of studio people, so they know we’re legit students and everything, its just not information we’re supposed to have. It really makes researching banks rather difficult.



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