Plans for the Break

March 14, 2009

I’ve got my work cut out for me, even with Spring Break coming up next week. The main thing I’ll be getting out of spring break is the fact that I don’t have to go to classes or worry about getting up at a certain time. I have some stuff to do, including…

1. Finish off the last studio project. This comes in at the top of my proirity list – I should be done with digital work by Wednesday, and then I get to talk Tripp into letting me use the shop for a bit to knock out a grey model.

2. Business cards – these need to be done early, like by Monday – so I can get them printed and back to me before I leave for Conference definitely, and hopefully before New York. I’ve got them most of the way done, but need to finish them off.

3.  Bryanake.com. I want to get started on getting my website up and running – I plan on a portfolio section, an integrated blog, and some static information pages – as well as a small store to try and make some money off selling stuff. This ties into my summer plans – since I can’t get an internship now that I’m taking some summer classes, I want to see if I can get my own business started off selling small housewares,  jewlery, and possibly some other stuff – I have some stuff I want to try, and see what moves and keep going in that direction.

I’ll catch all ya’ll after the break.



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