Yeah, this should be interesting.

February 26, 2009

First off, let me apologize to any regular readers who missed having a post on Monday. That said, I have a good excuse – I have mono, a fun virus that is going to make my next month pretty crappy. For those worried parties, it isn’t infectious enough to require quarentine or anything – since the virus is transmitted via saliva, as long as you don’t drink or eat after me, or get in the way of a particularly unlucky cough (which isn’t a symptom), or kiss me, you’ll be ok. Plus, 95% of adults are already immune, whether they realize they’ve had it in the past or not. As for me, I have to avoid contact sports due to the threat of rupturing my spleen, and am going to need a _Lot_ of sleep, and will feel generally crappy if I’m awake for longer than 5-6 hours at a time, while feeling exhausted.

This puts a dampener on late night studio – which in the past has been my primary form of getting stuff done. I’m planning on dropping 1-2 other classes to cope, since studio really has to be a priority, and I really need time to get progress made in it, while still having enough time to sleep and hopefully feel relatively human.

As far as studio is going, I’m making some progress – my personal goal for Friday is to have the final form for my toaster nailed down to where I have a control line drawing or a 3d model, or at least a bunch of great sketches of details, and good tight sketches of my other two appliances, accompanied by some study models and detail sketches. I need to make some headway, and I think I can get that finished tomorrow. After that, finalize the forms of the others to the point of the Toaster over the weekend, while starting on the physical model of the toaster – and get it all wrapped up by next Friday. Thats the part I’m slightly stressed about – a close due date when I’m already behind, and when I simply can’t stay up late. I’ll give it my best go.



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