Just a thought

February 21, 2009

I kinda mentioned this in class, but thought I’d throw it out again here. My brother is getting into management, and is interested in the private Space industry. I would expect in the next 10-20 years, we’ll have everything from quick orbital tourist flights to space hotels – all of which is freaking awesome.

How this relates to design is this – someone has to design all the interiors of these spaceships and orbital hotels – which provides an interesting question – How do you design something for an environment that is completely different from every experience we have ever had? Namely, how do you design a space that some tourist can exist in for a vacation, quick flight, whatever, when there is no down? Humans define our existance with ‘down’ – all products are designed expecting a ‘top’ and ‘bottom’. Gravity is a given for us – and a lack thereof is rather disorienting. How much fun would that be to  design… would you pick an arbitrary down? That might ease the transition some – but might make abnormal things even harder to adjust to.

Unless, you decide that the enemy gate is down. That makes things a bit simpler.



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