Hey, this could actually work.

February 18, 2009

This could actually go pretty well, if things keep looking up like they kinda are now.

1. I’ve chunked the Waffle Iron. I just can’t think of a way to do this that allows enough access to do stuff like, say cook waffles without giving too much access and causing burns like crazy. I’ve decided to move to a small convection oven, for several reasons. First, Safety will be a bit easier – we  don’t need direct access to hot metal plates and elements. Convection ovens heat indirectly with hot air – they require lower temperatures to do the same thing, and I can isolate the heating element and have all surfaces that a child can come in contact with plastics and other materials that don’t hold and conduct heat as well – long run, that means that heat dissapates faster, and if you touch it, less heat is transferred to your hand immediately, gives you more time to react and pull away.

2. The toaster is Rad. Or at least, has some really cool potential.

3. Working on the smoothie blender. Trying to deconstruct its function to make it interesting and cool – still working on that. I’m considering the option of seperating and highlighting the motor-blender connection – spinning gears would be dangerous though, at those speeds, so still working on that idea.



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