February 17, 2009

And, I’m not out of the fire yet. When working on my schedule today in studio, planning out how to spend my time between now and the due date, I became a bit more optimistic when looking at what time is left – If I follow the schedule, I should be caught up by next Monday – it compresses the form development stage somewhat, but honestly, given the heavy development of function, the form should follow along nicely once I get all of the details ironed out. I plan to hit up the shop and do some study-modeling tomorrow – I’m having trouble sketching due to some weird forms, but once I get something made in the shop out of sign or pink foam, I’ll understand what I’m drawing more, and will have a better clue of what I need to figure out.

Once form is ironed out, Monday is Shop Drawings and some explosions – which means getting down to the nitty gritty on at least one product. I think my toaster would be very interesting to plan out, given the unique form. The Smoothie blender would be really pretty easy to dissect comparatively, so it wouldn’t hurt to look at that one too. After that comes tweaking the form, Building a model, for which we have a week on the schedule – I feel confident that if I can knock out a simple model in a day, in a week I should be able to make the most awesomest form model ever – just seems like an aweful long time blocked out for that, especially when we only need to build one appliance.

After that comes a week for renders, some final tweaks, and making pinup boards.

So, that all doesn’t sound quite too bad. And it wouldn’t, if I was making a family of two appliances. Problem is, I’m just not happy with one of them. My toaster pushes the envelope pretty well – it is unique, interesting, fun for kids. Smoothie maker is functional, safe, and allows for some interesting ways to play with your food. On the other hand, my third appliance, the waffle iron, I’m just not quite sure about. On one hand, I don’t know what other breakfast food appliance I can make, thats fun for kids – on the other, safety is a huge part of my project, and making a waffle iron, essencially a large hot metal plate, safe when someone has to get the waffle off of it, you’re talking about a really hard problem. That is what I’m wrestling with right now, and that I expect to be wrestling with for a while. Any suggestions would be appreciated.



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  1. http://electronics.howstuffworks.com/gadgets/kitchen/toaster1.htm

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