A Direction!

February 9, 2009

I actually have a direction for my project again. I was getting rather caught up in some minor details last night, but I think I have my bearings again, and honestly, I’m rather excited about my concepts. They aren’t quite there yet, but they’re definitely headed in the right direction. Some details:

1. Smoothee blender – This is probably the least developed of the concepts, but has some serious potential. Basically, increasing the fun and entertainment value of a smoothee or juice drink by layering some different beverages in your glass. Not a terribly hard effect to pull off if you know how to do it, the difficulty is making it so easy a 6 year old kid can do it. Current possibilities include: Juices of various densities on specially designed taps to make layering easy, a multi-blender that takes different juices and blends them together in an interesting way,  or some combination of the two – maybe pour in juice, it blends individually, then it layers it? I wonder how that would work…

2. Injected Waffles – Kinda based on an injection molding machine, this would be a contained waffle iron with an injected batter that kicks the finished waffles out the bottom. I’m considering alternatives that wouldn’t require the waffle iron to be vertical, but that would prevent me from using gravity to remove the waffle, which then makes it difficult to figure out how to get it out without sticking fingers in there where there are hot things.

3. Conveyor toaster – This is probably my favorite of the 3 concepts right now – a conveyor belt with a rack to hold the toast, bread, bagel, etc. I’m thinking this could be as simple as a 1 button operation – with some switches to keep track of where the rack is, it keeps track of where it is, and thus knows where it should go next. The toaster would have heating elements wrapped on transparent heat resistant material (glass perhaps? or maybe a heat resistant plastic?), with a window so the kid can watch the food toast. One possibility, is that the conveyor belt only needs to come out of the toaster on one side – since the two sides behave identically, they are redundant and unless necessary for the fun and frivolity, one could be eliminated to simplify stuff.



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