February 6, 2009

I was a bit stuck on my studio project over the last couple days – I know what I want to do, developing a set of breakfast appliances that enable children to fix their own breakfast – simplifying the process, and making it safe enough such that they can do it themselves.

My current plan is a hot chocolate machine, a toaster (or waffle maker, not quite sure), and a cereal dispensing machine. Research shows that most kids are eating cereal for breakfast, with bread based stuff coming in second.  Hot chocolate isn’t going to be the most  common drink, but I’m skeptical of making a juice dispenser, and milk will be built into the cereal device – Plus, hot chocolate has a nice analogue to mommy and daddy’s coffee machine, which should fit in the fun theme.

I got a bit stuck trying to figure out how to do some more research – I wanted to poll some kids properly to find out what they were eating and drinking more specifically – but I don’t have much access to children in my age range (6-10 years old). Standing outside a Kroger asking people is kinda creepy in that age range, and all the kids I know have long since grown up. I think I’ve found a way to get in contact with some people, through my sister – should be able to poll some there, and possibly more as I find more oportunities.

This weekend will be devoted to sketching and communicating these ideas as I figure out exactly how the products will work, and figure out how to communicate that. Hopefully all will go well.



One comment

  1. With the Kroger thing I think it would be significantly less creepy if you polled the parents and not the kids… with the age range you are aiming for, the parents are going to have the purchasing power and most likely make the decision as to whether or not one is “allowed” in the home…

    Those are my thoughts – feel free to disagree.

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