Beginnings of some Research

February 3, 2009

And its that time again. Research isn’t my strong point, but I’m trying this time around to  do a really good job on it. In the interests of sharing some research (as started by Emma in a comment on the last post), I figured I could post some of the links I’ve found thus far.  I have the e-mail of a toy designer (Steve Chininis) I plan on e-mailing, need to look up health hazard standards (relating to choking, heat, pinch, tipping, and threat of intergalactic war). First link via Emma, PDF via Toni.





I’ve also started asking around, talking to people who have children in the age range I’m looking at – trying to find out what sort of things their kids do in the mornings – Cereal seems to be a hit with people in the age range, which makes me think a cereal related device (dispenser or something) would be a useful part of the series.



One comment

  1. http://finder.library.gatech.edu/vufind/Record/531813

    a childrens cookbook held at the GT library. thought you (And Emma) might want to check it out

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