Brand Options

January 31, 2009

I have two different possibilities for branding that I was considering, so any feedback would be good as to which direction I should go. Out of the two, I think I’d have fun with either, but the children’s appliances would be slightly harder – having a lot more little details to worry about in terms of safety and having some potential for interesting twists adapting the technology. The RetroTech concept would be more unique in the studio from what I’ve seen (I think at least one or two other people were considering doing a kid’s appliance set?), and would be interesting to disect the form language used 30-40 years ago, to understand what made things cool back then.

Concept 1: RetroTech

-Modern Technology

-Retro Stylization

-Easy to use.

This brand would be targeted at middle aged people, who want the conveniences of modern technology, but want something different in terms of style. Perhaps while fitting out a vacation home, or just looking for something unique for their kitchen. An emphasis would be placed on reinventing older appliance styles with modern technology – e.g., researching why people predominantly use pop-up toasters today when toaster ovens do a better job of many things, and are used in the restaurant business, etc.

Appliances involved –

Coffee Maker

Toaster Oven

Waffle Iron

Inspirational images:

http://www.shutterpoint.com/Photos-ViewPhoto.cfm?id=56433 http://www.istockphoto.com/file_thumbview_approve/4477400/2/istockphoto_4477400_classic_car_tail_fin.jpg http://www.carhobby.com/57BW109.JPG


Concept 2: Small World Appliances

-Kids Appliances

-Safe (Really heavy emphasis on safety)

-Easy to use.

-Make breakfast without your mommy!

This brand would be targeted towards children, and the parents who already have a busy morning trying to get themselves out the door without having to worry about feeding children. By allowing children to cook their own breakfast, children can have fun being all grown up, can take some load off the parents by helping out in the morning, and can learn some basic principles that will help them later on. Heavy emphasis on safety (make hurting themselves impossible), ease of use and mapping out how to use it (make sure even young children can understand what they need to do in what order, with minimal instruction), and keeping it fun.

Appliances involved

– Hot chocolate maker (analogue to mom and dad’s Coffee maker)

Pop-tart sized mini-toaster

Pancake or Waffle cooker (not quite sure on which?)

Feedback would be appreciated, as always.



One comment

  1. David suggested we help each other out with research on kid’s stuff; I’ve already got some pretty good facts about when and what skills children should have in the kitchen – via Kids in the Kitchen [seems pretty appropriately titled, right??]

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