Just slightly pissed.

January 26, 2009

I have to say I’m rather pissed about not getting to present today. I can understand why we’re cracking down on professionalism and everything – being late isn’t good. I wasn’t intending to be late, but at the same time, precedent set in previous semesters is that being 15 minutes late is forgivable, and as far as I have seen, nothing was said to change that – No one who showed up late was aware of the strict grading policy ahead of time, and I dare say if I had known that we were going to be all strict, I would have set myself a stricter timetable and made sure I was done on time.

As for the talk regarding the job market, that was suprisingly depressing while being motivational – I’m rather determined to make it in Design, and I’m working on improving my skills and time management and all that. I’ve done pretty well at blogging this semester when compared to last semester, and I hope to continue that trend.

In terms of sketching and other skills, I’d be interested in setting up a group of people via Facebook to keep us sketching, practicing when we can, etc. I guess its really just the sort of thing I need to get down to business and get done. That and some other misc. projects.

I’ll post my boards once I get them compressed to a reasonable size that isn’t going to kill wordpress.


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