January 22, 2009

So, the “review” today went pretty well. I wasn’t too happy with a couple things on my design, and those were the things I got consistant feedback to fix.

More frustrating would be the feedback that was less consistant – some people made comments about how the saucer and plate didn’t quite go with the style of the cup, with more people saying it worked great. One commentor suggested adding balls under the saucer to tie it together, which was actually my original plan for it, but the general concensus of people I talked to was that it would be too literal and too “copy-paste” to do so, and that the repitition would harm the cup/saucer set.

Then there were the comments regarding my renders (which were washed out), and one poorly stated comment about my mood board resembling a 4th grade collage. I’m cool with people telling me to work on a layout more, I’m not cool with someone criticizing something like that where there is no layout, and the entire purpose is to convey a mood, and comparisons to grade school wasn’t particularly appreciated.

All in all, I think I learned stuff from it, and it was definitely benificial. Below is a list of things I learned.

1) When you don’t have time to do something, cut it. No one noticed I didn’t have a plate. If I had tried to finish the plate I started the night before, I would have been dead.

2) There are a couple poeple who know how to render, and are aparently willing to share their knowledge with the rest of us. I plan on cornering one of them this week, to get my rendering sorted out.

3) Branching out from my typical design style wasn’t easy at first, but once I got in the mood looking for something funky and playful, the challenge was much more enjoyable than half the studio projects where I end up doing some sleak sci-fi-ish fancy stuff that typically fits my style. Maybe its partially the simplicity of the project – the projects I’ve enjoyed the most thus far have been (in chronological order..) the Chair, Lamp, Sustainability, and Cups/Saucers – all very low on function (as in, no electronic guts), with a heavy focus on form.

Anyways enough typing.



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