And a cup and saucer in a Pear Tree…

January 8, 2009

I’m really enjoying the current project for studio, Cups and Saucers and Plates. I’m also trying to branch out a bit with my project – I typically design things that are on the modern, simplistic, and geometric side of things – while I don’t have a particular problem with developing a style, I don’t want to get myself stuck in a corner quite yet.  My three words are: Playful, Exciting, and Funky. I’m trying to expand my horizons, and its kinda working thus far. The stuff I made in studio this morning didn’t quite have the desired affect – I was attempting to suggest human interaction through deformation of the form to fit the shape of the hand – however, it ended up looking slightly ‘squishy’ or a bit too crafty.  Funky should be a fun word to work with, I’m hoping to make a form that is just “slightly out there”, or just odd enough to be exciting and something you want to pick up and drink out of. I’m not exactly sure where its going to go, but I guess thats the reason for the design process that I’ll be spending the next couple weeks in.

Also, with regards to the New York idea that David suggested, I have to say I’m rather excited about the whole concept. I never end up following through with some of that sort of project since I”m doing them by myself, and don’t have the benefit of someone to ask questions when I get stuck on a detail. I think we can pull it off, get a lot of very useful experience, and have a lot of fun all at the same time with the right motivation, and a trip to NY may just be what we need for that.



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