Bryan’s Excellent Urban Adventure

January 6, 2009

A new Semester, a completely new experience.

I think this post was supposed to be up at midnight last night, but I’ve been busy. This semester, lots of stuff has changed. First, I’ve moved down onto campus, so I have all my stuff in boxes and have to get it all in order. I’ve got a horribly drab common space that needs some serious help – I’m in a 4 person apartment, Me, Adam G, a friend from CFY, and another random guy – so Adam and I are determined to make the living area a bit more fun… and less dingy. Second, my car has given up the ghost. The transmission is slipping when crusing, and it smells like its burning something that isn’t oil. So, I’m on campus, and car-less for now, which makes the whole living on campus thing a lot more different. Top that off with a girlfriend, and you have my new semester.

I really want this semester to go well – I’m taking Studio, Materials, ID history, Professional Practice, and Sociology. Oh, and still working in the shop. This should be fun.


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