Bikes, Drive-thrus, and Chicken.

November 21, 2008

Well, I realized I haven’t blogged about this project yet. I don’t know what it is about me and blogging, but I don’t tend to do an especially great job at regular updates. I tend to be really good about not talking about stuff or something – I have lots of practice at that.

Anyways, My group (Bryan, Logan, Tyna, aka. BLT, aka Handlebar, Foo-man-chu (however you spell that), and Koosh and/or peach-fuzz), is focusing on bicycles, more specifically, keeping teenagers on bikes by keeping them ‘cool’. We figure, kids ride bikes, but sometime around 14-15 bikes get really uncool, probably something to do with how cars tend to be a status symbol, hey look, there goes Bob in his SUV, why can’t I drive an SUV.

So, keep kids on bicycles, and all of a sudden, you have more adults on bycycles. And, in an attempt to go at it in a slightly less direct manner, we’re looking at Drive-thrus and why can’t there be a bike-thru resteraunt? In a way, the drive-thru is an influence on why people drive cars – you just roll by the window on your way home and throw money at them, and they throw food back. You don’t even have to get out of your seat. Whats not to love, once you ignore the smell of burning fossil fuels and eat your lard-burger.

So, we’re desiging a hang-out type of resteraunt, a bike destination of sorts. To go with it, we’re making a container that clips onto your bike so that you could just bike-thru, on your way through the park or whatever. Also planned is an extrapolation out from our resturant brand onto existing fast-food joints, to see how they could utilize our system for their joint.

It should turn out pretty cool, if we can keep the box thing on the bike. It’ll work.


One comment

  1. Can we shoot the food at people? that would be more efficient.

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