Post Mortem – Project 2

October 3, 2008

Long delayed – I’ve been thinking too much and blogging too little as of late.

Project 2 bombed. Like, just didn’t do well as it should. Part of that was due to loosing a week of development thanks to a death in the family. But, I don’t think I can blame it on that entirely – When I came back I didn’t quite ever dig in and get down to it like I should have – was a bit hard to get into it or something. So yeah, it didn’t go to well. I’m definitely going to look into what I need to do further to push this to a B, since I’m just not cool with getting  C for a project in studio, looks like I’m just not trying. Plus, I’d like to get some cool stuff for my portfolio.

Speaking of which, I’m getting some pictures for my portfolio, mainly stuff I did last year, since this year has been suprisingly bland in terms of what I’m actually producing. I think my problem is the process. Last year, all the good projects (such as the chair, or lamp), I did volumes of sketching, making 50 concepts, all that sort of thing. I still have study models from the chair stashed in a drawer, all sorts of stuff like that. I really just need to get back in that groove – and I think this project is starting to head in that direction more.



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