My pocketwatch…

October 3, 2008

I bought a pocketwatch I want to brag on for a bit. I bought it off ebay for cheap ($15 with shipping from Hong Kong), but it’s still really classy. It is one of my stated goals in life to bring back the pocketwatch. They’re just cool.


1. Simple (ish)

It may not look simple, but in terms of what it does, its about as simple as a clock of this complexity can be. No battery, no quartz, just a spring to hold force and oscillate, and a series of gears. Theres just something nice about the analogue hands too, compared to the digital readouts I’ve been using for the last while.

2. Celebration of mechanics

I personally find the insides of clocks mesmerizing – something about how every part fits exactly where it belonds, and all the shiny metal bits all working as intended. Since this thing has a clear front and back, I can see all that moving, and doing its thing. Its really cool.

3. Shiny.

Yes, its all, case is made (I think stamped via die) from Stainless Steel – with the brass gears and accents, it just looks awesome.

4. Classic

Part of the draw, is this is how they’ve been making watches for over a hundred years – with some improvements as to how its all made, but just the fact that they’re still making something from that era with today’s technology is just cool.

I definitely want to play around with Pocket Watches in the future, see what I can do with the design and the premise. Should be fun.



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