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Design stuff

October 20, 2008

I’ve been slacking off on the blog. Time to get back to that.

Anyways, I’ve been thinking a lot recently about what I can do to make some extra cash on the side, while not spending way too much time on it – my other thought, why not try and make some money off some stuff I’ve designed?

Some things that come to mind – specifically, I started building a second copy of the lamp I designed last year, with plans to get that up on my website – which still needs work too. I’ve been designing a clock which should be a pretty sweet addition to a portfolio once its finished, but it just needs a lot more work. Over fall break, I spent a large amount of time practicing my screenprinting skills, as well as learning more about vector art in general, some tips and whatever. I’d love to get some t-shirt design stuff done to the point of being able to make some money off of it, I think that’d be fun and cool too.

The other thing I’ve been thinking of doing is getting into the ‘web 2.0’ of design – for instance: –¬† Woot does shirts. A new shirt every day, with popular ones sticking around until they fall off the list. Every week, they hold a contest to get user submitted designs on a specific theme, which they run on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. Winner gets $1000, plus $2 per shirt sold after the first day. Not bad.

Also, I just stumbled upon – similar concept, only it appears in smaller numbers, with shoes. Interesting…

I really should get going and do some cool stuff. Instead of sitting around here thinking about it.



My pocketwatch…

October 3, 2008

I bought a pocketwatch I want to brag on for a bit. I bought it off ebay for cheap ($15 with shipping from Hong Kong), but it’s still really classy. It is one of my stated goals in life to bring back the pocketwatch. They’re just cool.


1. Simple (ish)

It may not look simple, but in terms of what it does, its about as simple as a clock of this complexity can be. No battery, no quartz, just a spring to hold force and oscillate, and a series of gears. Theres just something nice about the analogue hands too, compared to the digital readouts I’ve been using for the last while.

2. Celebration of mechanics

I personally find the insides of clocks mesmerizing – something about how every part fits exactly where it belonds, and all the shiny metal bits all working as intended. Since this thing has a clear front and back, I can see all that moving, and doing its thing. Its really cool.

3. Shiny.

Yes, its all, case is made (I think stamped via die) from Stainless Steel – with the brass gears and accents, it just looks awesome.

4. Classic

Part of the draw, is this is how they’ve been making watches for over a hundred years – with some improvements as to how its all made, but just the fact that they’re still making something from that era with today’s technology is just cool.

I definitely want to play around with Pocket Watches in the future, see what I can do with the design and the premise. Should be fun.



Post Mortem – Project 2

October 3, 2008

Long delayed – I’ve been thinking too much and blogging too little as of late.

Project 2 bombed. Like, just didn’t do well as it should. Part of that was due to loosing a week of development thanks to a death in the family. But, I don’t think I can blame it on that entirely – When I came back I didn’t quite ever dig in and get down to it like I should have – was a bit hard to get into it or something. So yeah, it didn’t go to well. I’m definitely going to look into what I need to do further to push this to a B, since I’m just not cool with getting¬† C for a project in studio, looks like I’m just not trying. Plus, I’d like to get some cool stuff for my portfolio.

Speaking of which, I’m getting some pictures for my portfolio, mainly stuff I did last year, since this year has been suprisingly bland in terms of what I’m actually producing. I think my problem is the process. Last year, all the good projects (such as the chair, or lamp), I did volumes of sketching, making 50 concepts, all that sort of thing. I still have study models from the chair stashed in a drawer, all sorts of stuff like that. I really just need to get back in that groove – and I think this project is starting to head in that direction more.