September 21, 2008

I’m not sure what it is about this project… but I’m not quite into it. Thats probably a bad thing at this stage in the project, especially when I’m running catch up anyways. I’m working on ironing out the form right now – current plan is to hang out in the shop tomorrow and make foam models. Monday pick a final form, get a final model done in the computer by Wednesday and printed out (or just built, depending). Then, spend Wednesday, Thursday getting some boards together – they will be an essential part of the presentation, with some storyboards, development information, etc on them, and they need to be top notch for this to fly.

I have a feeling that may be part of it – the whole missing a week just after project kickoff was distracting, at the very least, and created a real disconnect right when I was beginning to form a problem and think about what I was working on. Thinking back on this project, but also many of the other projects I haven’t enjoyed all that much (and thus, get mediocre results from), they typically are the ones where I don’t follow a good design process – for instance, last year when doing the bodyfit project, we had 2 weeks to design and build a ‘body fitting’ object. Since I burned the first half of that time away doing some basic ‘research’ and making a mold of someone’s arm, I didn’t get around to doing much ideation – my problem had an ‘easy’ solution that I went with for the sake of expedience, most sketches were basicly ironing out some minor mechanics and coming up with a form that looked (in retrospect) really boring and uncomfortable. Getting off my game for a week kinda interrupted the generation of ideas – I have a feeling thats part of the problem.

The other possibility is that electronics just arn’t my thing. I always thought of electronics as one strong design field that I could get into, but may just be its not my cup of tea, or something like that. I’m slightly more skeptical of this possibilty, given that it may just be that the unholy spawn of a camera and a label maker just isn’t my thing, but thats how the project is going.

On the other hand, perhaps I just need sleep.


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