September 11, 2008

I don’t have anything studio related to talk about, since I haven’t worked on studio in the last couple days – my grandmother had a heart attack Tuesday, and didn’t make it through the night. I missed studio yesterday, and will miss it Friday (lots of family getting together and stuff), then will be busy all weekend – there is a chance I’ll make it to school today though, there isn’t anything else going on and I don’t have anything else to do (out of town family still not arrived yet).

In the meantime, here are some links I’ve found while browsing the internet in the last week or so, compiled for some intriguing thought. Best towards the top – definitely read the first one.



Intel is working on… Wireless power for your laptop. Definitely an interesting concept, I can definitely see some room for product development with that sort of fun stuff.



A collection of some pretty sweet bookshelves  – the ones at the top are especially cool. I want some for my hypothetical home one day.



Some sort of design blog – not all design-ish stuff, but pretty interesting still.



Little tutorial on making a logo. Interesting to see someone’s design process, definitely stuff to learn here.


Enjoy –



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