Time is of the essence… Lunchtime doubly so.

August 29, 2008

Its 9:15. I’m not ready. I am supposed to be sleeping right now.

I’ll be ready though – just one bit more to tweak on the solidWorks model, and I”ll have that finished, then just some photoshop and putting it into my boards (mostly formatted. Just need to put in the content.) I didn’t put the care and attention I was planning on putting into my boards, but I’ve utilized a couple tips and tricks to hopefully make them a bit more interesting. The story of this project I guess – given the 2 week time frame, we only have 2-3 days to make stuff – I thought I’d have plenty of time, but the everything takes longer, and this was an especially bad case of that, particularly my physical model. That was supposed to be a quick form realization, but it ended up taking me all night plus what time I had between classes yesterday, until about 7:00 PM. I’ve been working on this project non-stop since Wednesday morning, taking a 3 hour nap earlier this morning, but besides that, no major breaks. And I’m still not getting everything done like I should.

Time is of the Essence – Lunchtime doubly so. I don’t know what that means, but it sounds funny right now, and thats pretty much all that matters.



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