Mid-project report:

August 28, 2008

Hours awake: 33 and counting

Mountain Dews/Vaults consumed: 7ish?, with an estimated caffeine content of 840 mg caffeine, adjusted for volume.

Parts checked off my to-do list: None recently.

Form model is still incomplete, with an estimated 2 hours left of laying fabric down with Super 77 and hot glue.  I have 21.5 hours until due date, and assuming some sleep (didn’t get any last night for the sole purpose of getting some tonight), that gives me 14 of so hours of work left, estimate 12 hours once I’ve done some driving back and forth from home and eaten some food at some point.

so, 2-3 hours for the appearance model,

2-3 for the computer model of the internal frame, 1-2 hours for the model of the internal latch system.

leaves me 4 or so for my boards and photoshop, which isn’t a lot considering the amount of work I want to put into it. I may have to cut back on some sleep, but again, I’d prefer not to. We’ll see how all this goes – there is a possibility I’m doing better than I think I am on several counts, but I’m not going to bank on it. Being coherant for the presentation is a good thing though – I should make that a priority.

Back to work.



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