And a Project in a Pear Tree….

August 28, 2008

I enjoy this part of the studio project the most perhaps – Most of the uncertainty has been ironed out of the design, and most of what is left is the little detail bits to make it look finished and cool, and then prepare all the needed models to describe the design and get it ready for presentation. I spent lots of money on fabric and zippers today, and the sad part perhaps, is that I spent more on materials for a form model (fabric laminated over sign foam), then I did on my current backpack.

Making a foam model isn’t all that hard – you start with a foam block, and take away everything that doesn’t look like a backpack. Horribly overused sayings aside, I basically spent 5 hours with a chisel and hammer, knocking off pieces until it didn’t look like a block of sign foam any more. I haven’t started covering it with fabric yet, but I’ll have some of that done before the morning sun pokes over the horizon. Did I mention that I started writing this post at 11:00 on Wednesday, and am finishing it at 5:30 on Thursday? The model hasn’t gone quite as fast as I hoped it would, but its coming along, so I’m happy. After the model is finished, I have one more model to make out of Styrene (a model of the fastener system), and then comes the SolidWorks model of the frame, followed by some photoshop to play with the model photos – compositing, color adjusting, etc. Once all that is sorted, I”ll finally get down to my boards, preferably before late night tonight, so I can get some sleep and be ready for a presentation.

And, off I go to walmart to get a cut of a more tame accent color, and try to track down a fabric that looks suspiciously like a mesh that you’d find on padding – I’ve been mostly ignoring the side of the pack that interacts with the human, I should probably whip up some straps and padding. Oh – and one of the zippers I bought is too long. Here’s hoping Walmart has what I need, since nowhere else is open… may have to rearrange my to-do list order of operations.



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