Sleep deprivation is now an approved design technique.

August 26, 2008

Not sure what it was, but I tried going to sleep over an hour ago – but something clicked on my design, and now I can’t get to sleep. I’ve now got a pretty good idea of what my design will look like, and have a schedule of what I need to get done when to avoid killing myself at the last minute.

If you know anything about my normal design style, this is not it. I typically just go at it until I run out of time, but I figured I needed to get this stuff started if I want to get what I need to get done this week done. (editor’s note: I’m relatively certain that made sense. However, as previously stated, I’m sleep deprived. When you read it, assume it means what I’m assuming you will think it means). Add the complication that I don’t want to be up all night Thursday (nothing to do with the football game, I’m perfectly fine with missing it for the cause), but I want to be alive after my presentation…

I think I’ve solved my troubles of how the boxes will attach to the frame (oh yeah, I decided to go on hard boxes in a soft case, with the added complication of an internal, probably aluminum, frame to hold the boxes where they should be). A bit more hardware added to a generic design should hold the boxes in place, with a simply designed spring holding the hardware in that position until you press in as sliding… its a bit hard to describe with text, but I’ll have sketches.

On the agenda for tomorrow is: Enough sketches to establish a final design direction, a model of the joinery, a model of a box, and begin on a solidworks model of the frame (with a simple geometry of the overall bag built over that to establish the size of a blank for my physical model).

Wednesday morning shalt be shopping morning, wherein I will run around buying stuff like a suburbanite on the day after thanksgiving, after which I will begin my models – gluing up a basic blank in sign foam (or pink, not quite decided – pink would be easier to work with, but lacks on strength – its cheaper, and with a coat of bondo it would be )roughly equivilant, but lighter…. hmm, will think on this more.), and get it to a rough shape. By the time I work in the evening (Yay, work in the shop. perfectly timed to wipe out an important evening), I’d hope to have it near to the point of sculpting basic details onto it – afterwards, its a long night of making the physical model.

Where from there depends – Thursday will be boards and further modeling if needed – I’d like to have a physical model of the frame as well as in SolidWorks, but SolidWorks would suffice in a pinch for time. Depending on how the boxes go (I’ve been informed that PETG, the plastic of which I have a healthy supply thanks to the Facilities people, doesn’t melt together with normal solvent cements – this would complicate any lasercut + glued together box design, which limits me to less friendly materials, or longer processes), I may want a couple of those functional too, to fit on any physical frame I have. Slightly on the unrealistic side, and I don’t know what they’d add to the presentation, unless they’re exceptionally well done.

Now to see if I’ve gotten that out of my system sufficiently enough to get some sleep – given that I need to get up way to bright and early tomorrow to get to Alias at 8:00… I sure hope so.



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  1. solid. If PTEG wont work, I have a ‘buddy’ at GE polymer shapes ( the guy that works in the back, a short funny old indian man named mani ) I can give them a call up, there is a HUGE scrap bin that is completely off limits, that I have at taken truck loads from more than 4 times. There is a lot of acrylic always. Ill let you know.

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